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My name is Emily Hunkeapillar, Emmie to those close to me even though I prefer Emily. I'm a twentysomething Midwestern girl raised on strong values, faith and resourcefulness. My family and friends have always been the most important part of my life. I enjoy being able to spoil them with treats and trinkets at any opportunity.

Reading recipes with Mom
I attended the University of Minnesota Duluth where I studied economics. Now I am a Small Business Sales Rep. at Deluxe Corp. Deluxe has opened my eyes to the magic of social media, the power of small businesses and has inspired me to share my life and love of making things for others                                             here on this blog.  

Me making brownies for the first time.
 Cooking is one of the great passions of my life. Growing up in my Mom’s, Grandma Hoey's and Auntie Lena's kitchens I have found a kitchen is the heartbeat of a home. The kitchen’s warm and comforting smells always bring everyone around and gets the conversation started. In the kitchen is where I have formed many lasting memories of love and laughter.

When I'm not cooking…well I guess even then, I am dancing. I began to dance when I was three and continued through my senior year of college. I have coached and taught at studios throughout the state. I love the beauty of classic dance styles like ballet and tap even though I have never been very skilled in either; 
NDA National Competition 2011
I excelled at pom and dance team styles. It has been a joy working with younger dancers and choreographing for others. I hope to continue on in the dance world for as long as possible.

I love the family atmosphere although mine is spread all over the country we are a strong and supportive group. My family here in Minnesota has a weak spot for animals. Three dogs and three cats can make the home feel a little frantic but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out Hunkiedorie. From my home to yours I wish you warm hearts and full bellies.

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