Wednesday, April 15, 2015

28 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 1

Monday was the kickoff of my 28 Day Skinny Bunny Weight Loss Plan and my  28 Day Intro To Yoga Membership. I have to say I am still sore two days later. I have decided to try the Skinny Bunny Workout Plan that came in my bundle pack as my daily workout and then follow up with my daily yoga video as a cool down. Hopefully this workout routine coupled with a better diet and my weight loss/detox tea will have wonderful results.
AM Chocolate Weight Loss Tea

It has been a while since I've had tea as part of my morning routine and it was very nice to incorporate it back into my day. My bundle pack came with a black tea & chocolate AM Weight Loss Tea and a Tropical PM Detox Tea. I'm not a fan of the chocolate AM tea. I'm not able to get past the melted Tootsie Roll smell. The taste is ok, not great, but not awful. I would love if they had a black tea and spearmint (one of my favorite breakfast teas) or even another fruity option like their PM tea. I also feel Skinny Bunny is missing out on a huge marketing opportunity by not branding the labels on the tea bags. The Tropical PM Tea is DELICIOUS! I love the smell, it reminds me of Juicy Fruit gum and it has a wonderful but light fruity taste it is an amazing way to wind down at night. For those of you with diet restrictions Skinny Bunny is like a superhero, they have no sugars or fillers, are gluten free and vegetarian!

Apart from the two teas the bundle pack also came with a diet guide and workout plan. I was able to download them right away into my iBooks which I love. It was my first time using iBooks and I am amazed by how easy it is. The Diet Guide is barely that, I was really hoping for recipe ideas or some sort of meal planning guide. What it actually is is a summary of what we have all learned in health class growing up...Drink lots of water, less sodium, less alcohol, more veggies. Although it was nice to have a list of the best and worst foods along with a few pages about carbs and proteins which were educational. However as someone who doesn't usually eat healthy I could have used a lot more from this portion of the package. All in all the diet guide is educational, it just wasn't what I was hoping for.

The Workout Guide seems easy but I am still sore from my workout two days ago. Each days workout is simple and straightforward which is nice for those with a limited fitness knowledge. Each move includes a description and a picture to help you understand what is expected. I love this workout and hope to incorporate these moves into my regular workout routine once the 28 day are up.


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